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Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coils


Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or contractor, Zehnder Rittling Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coils are built to keep your job moving smoothly. Our team is constantly looking for ways to enhance the unit features and reduce installation and labor costs.


For the Owner

The Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coil is a high quality unit that is competitively priced, the quietest in the industry, and can be installed quickly. A faster installation keeps costs down and allows the building to be occupied on time or even ahead of schedule.

All units are ETL certified, complying with applicable standards for safety and performance. All wiring is in compliance with NEC providing the owner with a safe, high quality system.

The return air front panel is 18-gauge epoxy powder coated steel which can be upgraded to 16-gauge construction for a more dent-resistant front panel.

The Vertical Hi-Stack unit is easily serviced and maintained. The return air front panel is simply removed to access the coil, drain pan and blower deck for cleaning. The entire blower assembly can be quickly removed from the unit for servicing by simply disconnecting the motor quick connect and sliding out the blower deck. The assembly can be serviced on a workbench limiting equipment down time. The coil is removable for service or replacement. The drain pan is positively sloped to reduce the threat of mold and bacteria thereby improving indoor air quality. The drain pan can be constructed from 304 stainless steel to eliminate corrosion and increase equipment life span. Valves and thermostat wiring are also easily accessible. Visual inspection and routine maintenance, including filter replacement, is trouble-free. 

Back-to-back units and master-slave units can be supplied with one layer of  5⁄8" fire-rated gypsum board in pipe chase for a one hour fire rating per UL 1479.


For the Engineer

The broad range of standard options associated with the Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coil provide the needed flexibility to fit a wide range of applications. These units can be placed in a multitude of arrangements, taking into account the aesthetics and space requirements of the room. 

The modular design minimizes the installed system cost. It includes the factory-assembled riser piping with insulation, valve packages, quick-connect motor and thermostat wiring, and other accessories. Other options include 304 stainless steel drain pan, aluminum double deflection supply grille, aluminum return grille, manual and automatic outside air damper, cleanable filters and electric heat. 

Fan coil unit capacities are certified under Industry Room Fan Coil Air Conditioner Certification Program in accordance with ARI Standard 440-98. All standard units are ETL certified in the U.S. and Canada and comply with UL 1995 requirements. 

Choose from 3 or 4 row cooling coils and 1 or 2 row heating coils for flexibility during the design process (max. of 5 total rows).


For the Contractor

Lower installation costs are realized by shipping the units fully assembled with the insulated risers attached to the unit, the electrical components pre-wired and the control valves pre-piped, resulting in less installation labor in the field. All units are quality inspected and tested in the factory prior to shipment.

The pre-piped risers and valve packages reduce the pipe connections that need to be made by the mechanical contractor. The design of the Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coil system allows the units to be set in place, floor by floor, one on top of the other in a vertical column. Each riser is swaged at the top to allow the quick insertion of the riser from the unit on the above floor. The swaged riser design drastically reduces the time and expense associated with brazing as
compared with slip-coupling connectors.

Factory supplied risers with swaged connections are available in a number of different diameters, tube thicknesses,
and lengths.

Thermostat controls can be wall mounted at the unit or remotely depending on the application. Features include manual or automatic changeover, factory pre-wired with quick connect, 24V or 120V, on/off system switch and fan speed selector. The thermostat and motor are supplied with a quick connect for easy field assembly. The electrical contractor is only required to bring power to the unit and plug in the thermostat. 

The units are palletized, tagged and can be shipped by floor or according to customer request. This will eliminate the extra labor costs and delays associated with equipment sorting on site. The chances of damaging equipment during this sorting process will also be greatly reduced.

Zehnder Rittling Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coils are high quality units that are competitively priced and can be installed quickly, all the while taking into account the aesthetics and space requirements of the room.

Each Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coil features the following design traits:

  • Modular, pre-piped, factory-tested unit minimizes installation labor expense and the possibility of a problematic system start-up
  • Three speeds of operation are provided to the room occupant allowing adjustability in temperature and noise
  • Lowest sound ratings in the industry, as low as NC 22 on high speed
  • Slide rail fan deck design and motor quick connect allow for ease of maintenance
  • Three or four rows of cooling and one or two rows of reheat are available (maximum of five rows can be accommodated)
  • Coil can be quickly removed from the unit for servicing
  • Positively sloped drain pan reduces the threat of mold and bacteria thereby improving indoor air quality
  • All factory supplied thermostats arrive pre-wired to a terminal strip and wiring harness, allowing a simple molex plug connection in the field
  • Pre-piped risers and valve packages are tested at the factory to reduce the amount of pipe connections needed from the mechanical contractor
  • Riser knockouts are supplied on the left, right and back panels while supply air opening knockouts are included on all sides, as well as the top, providing a myriad of combinations for the designer
  • Outside air can be introduced to the left or right side of the unit with manual or motorized dampers
  • Attractive ivory epoxy powder coating is standard, with additional colors optionally available for the flush-mounted return air panel and supply air grilles
  • Fan coil unit capacities are certified under Industry Room Fan Coil Air Conditioner Certification Program in accordance with AHRI Standard 440-98
  • All units are ETL certified, complying with applicable standards for safety and performance
  • Units are palletized, tagged and can be shipped by floor or according to customer request
  • Custom-build capabilities that rival any in the industry

Zehnder Rittling Vertical Hi-Stack Fan Coils are are the ideal heating and cooling solution for any hi-rise building where a modular design is preferred. These hidden units are often positioned in the corner of the room, along the perimeter wall, or as part of a partition wall separating two rooms. Once installed, they blend seamlessly into the decor, having little impact on the overall aesthetics of the space. The only visible components are the thermostat, decorative return air panel and supply air grille. Removal of the return air panel provides easy access to all internal componenets including filter, drain pan, coil, valves and electrical controls.

Master/slave units allow two units to share risers by piping them together in the field, thereby saving on piping and labor costs. Additionally, back-to-back units are factory assembled and shipped together to further reduce field labor costs. All units are provided with individual valves and controls. Where operating costs are a mjaor concrn or advanced control of the motor is desiged, ECM motors can be supplied. If you don't see what you need in the catalog, contact your local Zehnder Rittling sales representative so we can design a custom unit to fit your application.

Typical installations:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Condominiums and hi-rise apartments
  • Student housing
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Office buildings
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